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Spruce Wind's Song: The Poetry of Ivan Hunter - $14.95

This book presents the poetry of Ivan Norton Hunter, a native of Richwood, West Virginia. It is full of beautiful evocations of the people, landscapes, and byways he experienced in the mountains and forests surrounding his hometown. His words are enhanced by stunning photographs of those places he chose to depict in his poems.

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Return to Norumbega - $20

Take a walk down memory lane in this history of Norumbega Park, in its heyday one of New England's prime recreational sites and the home of the famous Totem Pole Ballroom. Based on the work of the late Bob Pollock, a Norumbega enthusiast who spent more than a decade documenting the park's rich history and gathering Norumbega photographs and memorabilia.

Myrtle Baptist Church: Pillar of the Community - $20

This documentary tells the story of an African-American community that grew up in West Newton, Mass., after the Civil War, and the church that served it. Myrtle Baptist Church: Pillar of the Community recounts the remarkable history of this institution, which became a social and religious center, as well as a rallying point in difficult times.

Charles River: Headwaters of Invention - $20

During the course of the 19th century, the Charles River became home to all kinds of industries drawn first to its steady supply of water power and then to the skilled workforce created to keep the mills running. Charles River: Headwaters of Invention takes an appreciative look at the industrial history of the Charles and celebrates the culture of innovation spawned along its banks.

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